How Apex started

Apex Trust was founded in 1965 by Neville Vincent, a retired barrister, who subsequently became Chairman of Bovis Holdings.

From the two pilot programmes set up in Pentonville and Wormwood Scrubs Prisons, Apex Trust identified a special need for a service for 'white collar' offenders and sex offenders.

During the 1970s the success of the programme resulted in a request from the Courts and the Probation Service for a similar service in other parts of the country and the Trust extended its services to all offenders, including those under the supervision of the Probation Service.

During 1986-87 the Trust expanded by setting up twenty new MSC programmes for the unemployed. These included centres in Merseyside, Sunderland, Leeds and London.

In 1988, a new development programme was established in Scotland, which eventually became the basis of the independent organisation, Apex Scotland.

The work of the Trust is based on the belief that:
'If an ex-prisoner can be found a job, which, first provides him a reasonable standard of living for himself and his family, and second, fulfills his own idea of himself and thus engages his self-respect, the responsibility of his eventual return to prison will be diminished'.