About us

Breaking down barriers to employment.


Since 1965 Apex has been promoting employment as a route out of offending for people with a criminal record.

The organisation operates programmes to help those with complex, multiple needs to overcome the barriers they face in moving from dependency on welfare and crime to becoming self-sustaining members of communities.

We have long-standing knowledge of how best to address the fact of a criminal record by appropriate forms of disclosure and apply this knowledge to support both job-seekers and employers.

We also work with people over many years to help them develop the skills, attributes and the knowledge they need to improve employability and secure paid employment.

Our work has helped many people with criminal records to gain education and training qualifications to obtain voluntary work and work experience, and to secure and sustain paid employment (including self-employment)

We have worked in the Merseyside region since 1996 offering a tailored service to ex/offenders and those at risk of offending to move away from a life of crime to employment, training, and education (ETE) & voluntary work. We work with local adult ex-offenders to release their full potential & support them in breaking down the barriers they face.


We work closely in communities and engage people who are long-term unemployed to find ways forward towards a better future