Volunteer Peer mentor testimonials.


“When I was convicted in January 2017 my world fell apart. I had lost a career I had only ever known for 25years. With nowhere to turn I discovered Apex Trust a charity based company which assisted female ex offenders in employment, training and housing.

I have been engaging with Apex Trust for the past year and without their continued help and support I would not be where I am today. Which is, in full time employment in a brand new career with the NHS, in a beautiful new home of my own and also made some fantastic friends at Apex along the way.

For any female ex offender my advice would be, we all make mistakes. When you are in that dark place of loneliness, emptiness, failure, regret and are looking for rehabilitation, somewhere to turn, to not feel like you are facing life with a conviction alone then turn to Apex Trust.

I will never forget, yet always appreciate what everyone at Apex Trust has done to assist in my recovery, move forward, rehabilitate and most of all overcome my conviction. I thank everyone there who has been and still continues to be part of my journey.”


Confidence to move on with my life. I will use my experiences to give something back by becoming a volunteer

“The course itself was fantastic and I have enjoyed every single session. Now I hope to go on and support women with whatever they need and see them cope and get back into work or just in a better place”

“It’s great to meet people who have been through this themselves, and know they can help”

“I have put my past experiences to positive use by helping others in the same boat”

“Apex Trust, has given me the foundation I needed to progress into my future, I feel I have grown with confidence, and through each stage I feel I have been supported and encouraged to fulfil my potential. Can’t thank you enough”

Filled with hope! It’s wonderful to meet people who have had the same experience. I have a feeling of self-worth again and a boost to my confidence


“Now the course is complete I would like to use my knowledge to mentor and help people”

“Apex gave me hope that I have got a future. I’m so looking forward to taking on the peer mentor role”

“Nice to be able to be honest and not be judged- it’s great to feel part of the team.”

I have found the course extremely eye opening and have learnt so much about how women ex-offenders struggle getting back into work or coping financially.

“Looking forward to be able to help others. Something to also look forward to for the future.”

“I have a passion to help others and now I have completed the course I can’t wait to start mentoring.”

“I feel like the course was very beneficial to me, I really enjoyed doing it and I learnt new information and skills.”

I felt so defeated, I felt completely let down by the system. Not just for me but for my kids. I just wanted to thank Apex for everything they have done. Because without them I don’t think I would be the stronger person I am today. I would never have had the courage to go to university. The stigma attached to offending is too hard to get over, you have to be ready and the people who are not engaging now were us and will engage with the support of Apex. They got me a job, they got me into training, and they built my confidence.